14 octobre 2009

Glenmarnock golf links now avalaible for download!

Glenmarnock golf links have been released and is now avalaible for download at the www.mygolfer.net website. Thanks a lot for all the support and I wish everyone many enjoyable rounds on the course :)

I'm in the process of a major computer upgrade right now that includes a new motherboard, processor, and memory....all these will lead to october 22nd and the release of windows 7 by Microsoft. I should be up and running with a brand new system around october 25th and be ready by then to show some new things about my future projects, as well as adding more articles and stuff to the blog. I found out the last few weeks that building and maintaining a blog can be quite a monumental task given my limited free time, and I don't think I've yet managed to keep pace  with my initial expectations about content, analysis and discussions, but I'm slowly getting there one step at a time :)

See you all pretty soon!

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