28 février 2012

Contributions et apports extérieurs au matériel du dossier visuel

Voici ici bas la contribution et apports extérieurs pour chacun des parcours s'il y a lieu.

Coos Bay golf links

-textures et objets: Jorgen Ekroth
-plan du parcours: Yannick Trives
-élévations: Daniel Bunch
-Placement des objets: Yannick Trives

Creek Fields golf club

-textures et objets: Yannick Trives
-plan du parcours: Yannick Trives et Daniel Bunch
-élévations: Daniel Bunch
-placement des objets: Yannick Trives

Debien Fields

-conception: Yannick Trives

Glendale golf club

-conception: Yannick Trives

Golf des Laurentides

-conception: Yannick Trives

Royal Machrie

-conception: Yannick Trives

Muerill golf links

-conception: Yannick Trives

Woodford Park

-textures et objets: Jorgen Ekroth
-plan du parcours: Yannick Trives, Jorgen Ekroth et Daniel Bunch
-élévations: Daniel Bunch et Jorgen Ekroth
-placement des objets: Yannick Trives

Glenmarnoch golf links

-textures et objets: Jorgen Ekroth
-plan du parcours: Yannick Trives
-élévations: Yannick Trives
-placement des objets: Yannick Trives

27 février 2012

Portefolio pour admission au Centre NAD

  Voici une brève présentation du portfolio. Il consiste en 18 images représentant une bonne étendue de mon travail fait entre 2001 et 2010 sur la conception 3d de parcours de golf. Le jeu utilisé se nomme PGA Championship golf 2000, a été développé par la compagnie Headgate studios, et publié par Sierra sports. Les logiciels utilisés pour la conception comprennent le programme architecte pour le design du parcours, un programme d'édition et de retouche d'images (paint shop pro et adobe photoshop) ainsi que la version ''light'' de 3dmax pour la création d'objets 3d de base. Cliquez sur chaque image pour obtenir la taille réelle.

5 février 2012

Still there! :)

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I last updated this space here, but just to let you know that all is well and I'm still designing and creating stuff for PGA2000, although at a much lower speed and rate due to numerous other projects and of course real life issues that can consume time as you all know :) I'll be back shortly with updates on my current projects, including pics and some timeframes for completion!

28 août 2010

Presenting project ''P''

Here's some preliminary infos on my contest course, entitled for now Project ''P'' (working title lol).

  • I'm developing a pure links course, in the tradition of the old links courses we find in Ireland and Scottland, where I'll try to keep things as natural and ''rugged'' as possible. 
  • I'm currently working on a whole new texture set for the course that will allow me to simulate intricate texture blendings like dry patches on fairways, seamless transitions from short to heavy rough, and realistic looking dunes.
  • As far as proper course design goes, I'm favoring a simple, minimalist type of design that puts the emphasis on shot angles, strategic choices over penal and a variety of shots needed to negociate the course.
  • I'm trying to find the best possible layout with the land given, instead of looking too much for the forced ''spectacular hole along the coastline''. I'm trying more to follow the Alister MacKenzie school of thought with Cypress Point for my course...
  • From a more technical standpoint, I can say so far that the course will features a few double greens, low brick walls like the ones found on old Ireland courses, a stream running through the south part of the plot, and deep pot bunkers with a twist for a unique look...
Well that's about it for now! Right now I'm finalizing the shape design for the greens, fairways and tees, and then it's off to the creation of the textures and texturing the whole course...

9 août 2010

Contest course and other projects

       As stated in my previous blog entry, I was suppose to announce 2 new projects that are coming together very nicely....I'm afraid I'll have to leave all this to a later time! (hint: working on a fictionnal course and a real course rendition :) Just recently I decided to participate in a new design contest that just started  at the mygolfer website, and given the deadline of the contest (which is somewhere in december) I'll be working almost full time on my entry. I'll put these 2 courses on the backburner for the time being concentrating on the contest challenge :) 

       I've just acquired the plot as I'm writing this, and in the following days I'll study it closely  to come with a preliminary design plan. Stay tuned....

31 juillet 2010

far from dead!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that, starting next week, I'll be announcing 2 new design projects I'm currently developing, both of which are progressing at a steady rate. I'll get back to regular blog updates about the 2 courses including pics of the courses under construction, strategy analysis and general thoughts about the designs, and so on. Stay tuned as Greenbook golf design is gonna see quite a lot of action pretty soon!


2 mai 2010

Mill Creek hole no.9.....par 5.......542yards

Hi everyone :) it sure has been a long time since my last update to the blog!

Here's my contribution to the community course currently in development at the mygolfer.net website. Hole no.9 at Mill Creek is a par 5 measuring 542 yards from the tips. To have any chance of hitting the green in 2 the player must work his ball preferably from right to left off the tee and avoid the fairway bunkers some 260 yards out. A good high 3 wood or long iron is needed over water to reach a green that slopes quite severely from back to front. The layup option is protected by 2 deep bunkers that can make the approach to the green much more dangerous.

The pics provided are an aerial view of the hole, the view from the tee, the view of the approach shot 200 yards off the green, and a view of the green looking back towards the tee. Hope you like it! :)