22 juillet 2009

Introducing Glenmarnock golf links

Greenbook golf design is proud to present his first course project: Glenmarnock golf links!
I cannot remember the exact time but I believe it was during our work on W0odford Park. My good friend Jorgen Ekroth told me about a fictionnal course he was working on that got me pretty interested to say the least. He was in a bit of a design burnout with that project and I offered him to take a look just for the fun of it. He then sent me his architect file, the 2 librairies he created for the course and told me to go ahead freely with the course.

I barely touched the course for the first few years and really started seriously on this one a couple of months ago. Jorgen had at the time 9 holes layed out (generic tee, fairway and green shapes) on a very beautiful seaside piece of land. The land came to life thanks to the 2 wonderful libraries featuring a detailed texture set, a great pano and some very realistic objects.

Glenmarnock will be a fictionnal seaside links course set on Ireland's west coast. Inspirations for the course comes mostly from Royal County down and the Carne golf links. All precautions have been made to keep intact the spirit and personality that Jorgen gave to his early work on the course. The greensites already there have been mostly kept as is....as well as most of the original routing. I tried to be as minimalist as possible with terrain work and shape design to let things as natural as possible. No bulldozer have been used to build Glenmarnock; the layout flows with the land in the most realistic way possible.

Prepare yourself for 18 holes of pure, irish seaside golf among high sand dunes, ferocious winds and beautiful ocean views. The final layout is now completely finished as well as the major elevation work on the course. I'm currently finalizing shapes, bunkers and greensites design as well as the texture work. The first phase of testing should start in the upcoming days....

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