30 juin 2009

This is a start at least....

Well this is it.....welcome to Greenbook golf design. This blog is intended to help you discover, one small piece at a time, this ambitious and crazy project that I've been tinkering around for a couple of years. Slowly but surely I'll walk you into the details and general outlines of the project and I truly hope to make the ride as smooth as possible for everybody.

For now let's stick to the essentials. One amazing golf game called PGA2000. One superb architect program offering limitless possibilities to the user. Hundred of downloadable courses to please any player. This is some very good material to start from.

Greenbook golf design is first and foremost the label with which I'll release any future pga2000 golf courses. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the concepts, techniques, strategies, and philosophies that goes into golf course architecture. The ground to cover here is almost endless, and the ultimate goal is for everyone to learn (including me!) through extensive studies, discussions, and reflexion about what's so great about golf course design.

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